Sunday, 8 April 2018

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Here's my review of Norton Security in 2016 Toronto the first thing I'm going to say about their user interface is that it's clean it's organized but it's a downgrade from their previous user interface because I absolutely loved it there no black themed user interface with the live map of threats all around the world I personally thought that was really good. I'm a little bit disappointed that they decided to do away with it however this was not bad by any means it's still very functional and useful the basic stuff is at your disposal you can do your scans and updates and the advanced settings are there for the power users to and the internal settings layout hasn't really changed since a long time.

So this is something users will be familiar with and keep in mind all settings are at stock I haven't decided to mess with any of these I'm going to make sure that this product is up to date I've done that several times and hear something I need to mention Norton if you're listening this update process could use some improvement when I install this product even this time around I ran an update and it said that the update is complete showed me this nice green check mark in the main line but when I ran it all over again it still had to download other stuff which is weird if the update was incomplete it should have shown me some kind of alert or ask me to perform another one first of all I have just done it automatically but I had to perform like 3 updates manually until I saw this not required you know even after each of those tries I was seeing the nice green check mark.

A regular user would just perform the update once and wouldn't hit the update button again I know it has all the update and it's not really a big issue but it's still something that could be sorted out. If you guys have watch the previous review of Norton didn't really do very well like in the survey department but I've heard a lot of good things about this product and it has been getting a lot of good reviews lately. Let's see how it Stacks up this time around let's get started with the malware links now Morgan has always had good web blocking signatures that as being one of the good sides of North let's see here is our first URL try going to try to run it and it cannot be downloaded Lauren thinks it's not safe and therefore it was removed the second one is host 9. Exe voice wow it's taking me an invoice here Beyond the Horizon definitely not safe trust me if you're a sailor you know it's not safe and there's no way I can run it more than covered let's move on to the third link this is the same domain as the first link. I presume it was blocked yes it's not safe and has been removed now I forgot to comment on the resource usage what I noticed is this version of Norton Security for some reason has been taking up a bit more of my resources as compared to last time around maybe that's just me but I'm feeling a little bit of a slow down here it's not much but I'd say it's like moderate in terms of resource usage but maybe they'll improve as time goes on I meant to be pretty light Java. Exe is also very common malware name that's some kind of Trojan I believe this is a malicious URL and it was blocked.

So first time we're seeing their URL protection and action Toronto and this one's actually a funny website it says contact support seems like the website wasn't blocked now if you click on any of these eye drops a file which I guess is that we're all let's try it out there free giveaway daily deals one do I want your discount coupons come on guys what you want shopping deals they've got it all nothing's better than a free giveaway trust me that's not where I get the licenses when I do free giveaways for you guys. So I believe it should drop some kind of malicious file now or maybe it just does that one of these things I'm not sure let me see it's definitely some spam site but it doesn't seem to be dropping the file now.

So all I could say no harm done I guess hey here's a pop up but it's actually from Norton identity safe okay. So basically just so you know bunch of fabric and stuff I need to drop some kind of adware but I guess it's not doing that on this computer for some reason now let's proceed to the next URL try running this 180. EXE and this one was blocked too. So that's a clean sheet for Norman apart from this annoying adware website but it didn't really dropping at work now just to be sure I'm going to run Hitman Pro and after that we'll proceed to the important part which is the detection and heard a malware prevention test Hitman Pro did not find any threats. I expected the system is clean let's move on will as you know we totally love malware over here.

So I have 500 of these guests that are invited onto the system I had to temporarily disable auto protect of course but now we're going to do a right click Send and we're going to see how many of these 500 threats Norton can detect and remove but that signature now your skin and your face is not exactly my favorite cuz it starts scanning things I mean if your face is not really very easy to read for example it shows so many files scanned and then all of a sudden the detected threats start popping up. So it can be a bit confusing at times but that's not really an issue to be honest. Let's just wait and see how many it can detect that's most important for those who are interested to know these files are just stupid and maybe a couple but they're fairly recent Nordisk and process does take a while something positive I do and I'll be right back with the results if I get any problems from Norton I'm going to remove all the threats that it asked me about I asked Norton to fix all of the leftover items and as you can see now it says. So everything is fully resolved all threats of being taken care of.

I'm just going to head finish tomorrow and now we're going to take a look at the email or folder it seems we have $58 left and I just calculated that translates to a detection ratio of 88.4% which is not bad considering these samples are fairly recent it isn't excellent or anything a lot of security products are much better at this but it's not too bad either I'd say it's kind of an average detection ratio for these files. So now we're going to see how long you can deal with unknown files or files for which it does not have any signatures. I have 3 enabled Auto protect as you can see it is turned on everything screen and if we go into settings sonar is turned on all default settings here tomorrow. So now I'm going to start executing these files one by one will just randomly execute a few and we'll see how that affects the system and if we can keep her safe against this unknown malware the first one seems to have executed I didn't get any pop up for that try the second one seems like it created some kind of log file.

So we'll see how well that goes don't worry I'll leave sonar some time to clean up threats before I get started with the evaluation process no I don't know how many of these threats are actually active maybe Norton has removed the malicious payload from inside some of these let's open up kill switch. So that we can take a look at it side-by-side and this is Express installer trying I just blocked from accessing the internet. Norton's firewall blocked up let's see if it can still turn out download adware Toronto maybe maybe not not going to wait for these websites to load tomorrow let's just see if it did anything so far it looks pretty good for an organ I don't see any malicious files over here Converse another adware type thing and seems like it failed to Toronto maybe Lawrence firewall is blocking them from downloading their crap which is great Toronto finally here say sonar pop up.

It removed some malicious file and it says restart is required I'm going to restart after I finish executing the malware cuz I don't want to do this again and again here security requests it says restart now seems like there's something wrong because it was probably using service poster something and now the system is totally screwed. I guess I have to restart so I'm going to reboot and then we'll continue running some of these threats and then we're going to continue from there on the 1st I'm going to restart after rebooting everything looks fine although for some reason it seems that the setting to view hidden files has been modified it was not turned on I'm not sure if it if some type of malware that that or if it was just a side effect of something else I don't know let's just continue I will go from bottom up this time this is on trial Lauren is still turned on as you can see.

Okay it's trying to give me some report Norton this is not the time come on so far we don't have any major threats on our system or maybe they're hiding in there I don't know will find out. I'll just run a few more calls I think we found enough I'll just run a couple more Toronto try lots of weird error messages. So I guess that's that we're going to stop here and it seems like most of our files or failed. So now I'm going to let the system run for a few minutes and see if I find any activity otherwise I'm just going to reboot it and then we'll run CCleaner and then we're going to run our second opinion scanners and we'll see how well nor did I didn't really notice any activity. I went ahead and perform the second opinion scans and we did not detect anything neither Malwarebytes snore hitmanpro North Amanda found any threats on the system Norton manage to keep a clean sheet which is a huge improvement over the last times result so kudos to Norton for that it was a pretty big.