Sunday, 8 April 2018

Avast AntiVirus Full + Crack Serial license Key

Avast Full Version 2018 crack

Its end of 2017 and it's finally time to take another look at this massively popular free antivirus product from Avast full version. Now I know you guys have been requesting me to take a look at their premium Security Suite. That is Avast Premier.

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But I decided to start with the crack free antivirus because this is what most people are using and I have been recommending this product a lot. So I want crack to make sure that it's up to the task. However I do have the premier in mind as well and you'll probably get to see a review of the highest level Security Suite of Avast full version sometime soon now before I actually start with the review. I want to State a few of my opinions and keep in mind these are and I understand that.

So first thing is I have not being very happy with a vast marketing strategies as of late now I know very well that this is not our first product and that it is cross funded it requires advertising. They have to make the revenue somehow I totally understand. But given they are one of the most popular free antivirus crack products out there I don't think there needs to be this desperate first of all you get bottom Banners at the bottom I'm totally fine with banners. But there is a thin line between being suggestive and being deceitful I think about is getting pretty close to that line these days.

First of all when I install this product I got a pop-up telling me that order rather I set up window telling me that the program was going to collect my data and share it with third parties without my consent and I did say that your personal data but then again I don't know what exactly they're definition of personal list and there was no option to turn it off during the installation it said that if you want to opt out he has done and all the product first and then go into settings and turn the data collection feature off and if you're stating that during install still want the option to say no during install it doesn't make sense to say that hey this is turned on. How can I disable it later on if you like that's okay.

But again I have two concerns here one a lot of people may not read the surface that clearly they may just skip that window which trial no it's your fault I guess. But the second more important concern is a kind of means that some preliminary data about your system is going to be collected anyway because it may do that during the installation before you can disable the feature. So I don't know what device answers to these questions. But I really hope somebody makes them take notice of these and you know they can make slight changes to these things I mean these are not huge problems they can be fixed very easily.

But if they continue with these practices it can severely damage the trial that users have on a company like Avast. I would definitely suggest that they don't change their language and change their methods to be a bit more transparent and a little less deceitful now coming back to the banner at the bottom again it says your computer might be sluggish and running slowly if all they said was you know by Avast internet security or by Avast premier right now I would have no problem with it it's true forward somebody wants to buy that can go ahead.  I can buy it but telling you there's things like this if you click on this I'm sure it is not going to improve your performance.

So if I click optimize my PC always going to do is take me to another by window. It shows me these issues it says it can fix it it actually can't all it can do is ask me to buy another product. So I don't like this type of behavior and we have another Banner sometimes that says we have a gift for you when you click on the gift what it actually does is sends you to another window for Jesse to buy premium Avast products at a discount now I understand it's a discount but a gift is not something I'll pay for I just don't like these practices I don't know what you guys think let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you're on the same boat and if you do think that that should be less deceitful and should use different language and their advertising please let these concerns me know when you guys can do anything the public has the power to let them know posted on forums bring this to the attention of vast and hopefully they are going to respond. So that aside let's get started with the actual test I'm going to take a brief look at the settings to make sure pee pee detection is turned on.

We're just going to make sure we have the latest databases and the latest program version as well. So we have the latest version It's 11.1 point to 2452 and then they have their tools and stuff I'm not going to go into the details of all these things but we're going to take a look at the files were sealed and as you can see everything's turned on. So fine on the action is set to fix automatically for all files and I'll be curious takes are set to normal Pap scan is turned on these precious Behavior help setting which is a new feature that if I have implemented recently is set to the default sensitivity however you can turn the song I want better hearing protection but I assume that's also going to produce more false positives to find the balance that's best friend for the purposes of this test of course everything will be left on default settings.

So I'm not going to make any changes whatsoever. So enough talk let's grab our mail or links and get started with the test that's for the gold resource usage question I'm not doing the usual Ram look up as it's tremendously and accurate way of figuring out the system performance impact but I'm going to just give you a general view of avast is pretty light on the system as far as my experience goes here's our first link fairly large funnel malware and it's got a name that's hard to pronounce the second one said nice URL mean fun. So there we go first URL is kind of blocked Anthony version detection. So that's nice to see if anyone has being one of their most reliable features of late and it's been doing a great job. So let's go ahead and try the next link out pretends to be a female but as you can see it's so sexy and it's funny you always fall 2012.

So this thing is blocked immediately malware Jan and their signatures try to URL seems like it's dead why did the good ones always have to be dead I don't know couple of drinks here let's move on tomorrow and I'm pretty sure many of these were alive some time ago this one should be alive reptile. I'll be grabbing a few more links don't worry guys this one is blocked on this is a piece of adware that's mean floating around a lot lately. I thought I might just not all engines detected this is another send me mail her head yes kind of like that where but determine what engines seems like avast doesn't have too much of a problem with his wife Toronto. I'm not sure what that date we'll wait and see this is another I mean by my standards of course car SSN. Exe if you could download tomorrow that'd be really cool well if that's what I'll let you at Scott as a trooper and I left that go grab a couple of links traveling around hopefully I'll find something fresh and nice and I will try those and then we'll do our second opinion scan things were kind of hard to find but I did manage to get a couple of good ones so let's try them out.

Anyway I didn't see a lot of web blocking in this test so I'm not like super excited about this widget maybe maybe the fishing's going to work out better I'll do the fishing maybe it while testing the premier version. So that we did have a couple of files that managed to run. So I need to verify that the room is clean or if it's infected. I'm going to do a couple second opinions cancer does seem pretty clean though I don't see any weird stuff going around I didn't see any command prompt windows open. That's what I'm guessing but then again well we're supposed to be difficult to detect while.

I'm going to go ahead and do a little bit of looking around first I guess I'll just kill switch to see if it can identify anything and if we don't see stuff then I guess we'll just have to wait a second opinion scans and then we'll be able to know for sure our second opinion scanners have kind of come up blank tile I guess I posted a really good job and prevention test a couple things that ran either they were blocked by the hips or you know just didn't do their trick nortrax should I save you some and I came up with this but this is just one of my analysis tools it's a false positive I'm just going to report it to them and we'll move on Trials as you can see I have to table to avast now. We're going to grab our malware samples trial we have 500 samples here very go and these are pretty fresh I just dropped off earlier today.

So I'm going to go ahead and do I right click scan with the avast and then let's see what we're left with if you're new to avast just to let you know if a scan as close as I've ever seen it already done I'm going to delete everything and that is stupid avast as well. So I never left with 20 items so let's do the math that turns out to be exactly 96% which is really good to touch him right considering the age of this malware samples. So if I was getting better and better at detection and it's getting pretty close to some of the paid anti-malware options that have great signature. so signatures are definitely looking good now let's see what their fancier date capabilities can do to prevent malware from entering the computer. So I suspect some of these may be blocked my emotions again let's see how this goes I'm going to have kill switch open just. So that we can see the processes running so far everything seems to be safe although I do see danger to anybody except well the name doesn't sound very safe but Komodo has inflicted yet. So let's wait and see tomorrow the second one is blocked by a fastball rap so that's a reputation check and no I don't want to do but I'm skinny Toronto the next one's also running. So we have a couple things and Memory Care trying before I receive any new alerts from Avast we have got quite a bit of stuff running as you can see this thing is terminated trial.

Let's continue with a more from Avast trial system starting to get pretty slow these are failing to excel at something tells me that not all of them failed as you can see the pop ups are taking really long to load and here's the reason our services file is taking up a ton of CPU this one's blocked follow up again I'm going to do a bleach on skin try I'm pretty sure that something has injected itself into some windows process at this point I can definitely feel the system slowing down and since none of the malware is actually taking up all the CPU and I'm seeing a lot of weird noise from system process actually this malware is taking him to see if he's taking 48% and System model k system draw a lot sometimes and that was another one that was caused by a fast but it seems like we might have some infections So what I'm going to do is I'll let the system run for a while as I always do can I lay tile and he's promised if they show up and then after a while I'm going to run CCleaner reboot the system tomorrow then we'll see how many Intruders we have in here. I just wanted to show you guys some this prop this is profit on her and as you can see there is a lot of stuff going on in the background a lot of registry keys are being accessed and there's definitely something wrong with the system even after rebooting I'm unable to delete this file that is present in the folder at the restaurant I'll delete it but this one seems to persist which means it's active so just wanted to let you guys know alright.

So our second opinion scanners just finished and the results are here for you to see Malwarebytes does not find anything which is really surprising Savannah finds the one file that is active that is stained your ad currently running and hitmanpro seems to be the most revealing scanner here. So it has found three threats we've got the clo follow and appdata roaming and we've got this file and trial Windows folder which is a major concern and then we've got this active malware for just said to run at startup a couple of major infections although the amount may be small I don't see a thousand files here like you would if it was a. But that doesn't matter these are serious threats and they're active they could be spying on us right now and you're making a part of something that I don't know but that is definitely not a desired result I'm not too happy with the job that fast has done in terms of the way it used to do better before and I'm not sure if I'm the only person who misses their old sandbox but hey I'm not sure what they're doing right now the hips and all that stuff it's cool but I'm not sure they have the best implementation for those features yet.

Otherwise we wouldn't have a start-up item created like this by an untrusted file and and you follow written in the windows folder I think there's some work to be done here in terms of signatures they're doing very well and I know I didn't label hard mode and if I have done that it would probably have blocked everything I guess and I know that involves system Shield we have this I have sensitivity maybe if you turn it up it's going to do much better but default settings that's what most people are going to.