Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Smadav Antivirus Pro Full Version

Smadav Antivirus Free Download Latest Version

Smadav is an antivirus program which I like most due to its maximum security and battle against phishers and hackers. Smadav inserts a huge nail in malware's hope because it kills them just after they tried to enter in your PC. Windows defender and firewall must thank Smadav because, after its entry, these windows tools relaxed.
Smadav also works along with any other antivirus running on your PC. This great feature made Smadav antivirus a unique one. In fact, AVG and ESET also don't have this feature. Smadav fights well against viruses and malware that may infect or damage your system. If you want my opinion regarding Smadav, I would like to prefer it to any other anti-spyware tool as it also secures your PC from hackers and phishers too.

Smadav antivirus helps your PC to solve following major issues.

Protecting a USB Drive: Almost every user has a USB nowadays, and most of you know that the easiest way for virus to enter in your system is through USB drive because that single USB drive make a connection with a bundle of PC, some of them may be infected by virus, once a USB connects to a virus enriched system, it will be filled with a lot of viruses. Now next target of that virus may be your computer because that USB may also connect to your PC. Once it connected to your laptop, your system will definitely face a strong virus through USB derive. But fortunately, if you already have installed Smadav in your PC then you really don't need to worry about that risk as Smadav will automatically kill that virus, not only from your computer but also from USB derive.

System Registry fix: This is a major issue not dealt by most of the anti-spyware programs. Once your system encounters with a strong virus, in addition to infecting your files and processor, the virus actually hit your system's registry that must be cleaned as earlier as possible. Once a virus entered in your PC and you cleaned your PC by using some strong antivirus but you still need to worry about as you have not cleaned your PC registry yet. In order to kill the virus and its effects completely, you must have to clean and fix your system's registry issues. To do this user must have a very strong antivirus installed on his PC and Smadav is one of them.

May be used as secondary Anti-Virus: Nothing is perfect in nature, as one tool can do some job perfectly but it is only possible in some scope (not entire), similarly, Smadav also have some lacks that may not exist in any other anti-malware tool. To solve this issue now you have to run at least two anti-malware which is not very easy. But this factor is not absent in Smadav, this great application can be run along with any other antivirus tool as secondary. So, if you have installed Smadav on your PC, you can run any other antivirus with Smadav simultaneously.

Offline Mode: Smadav can also do its job again suspects without the need for any internet connections. This feature of Smadav is not very unique as many other tools do the same job. There is no restriction of availability of internet connections for a functionating Smadav. Like online, it also works in offline mode.

Some important features of Smadav antivirus are given below.

  • It is totally automated and it detects infected files and drives automatically.
  • There are some infected scripts which may be run on your PC without your permission, Smadav restricts their permission for running them on your PC.
  • It kills infected cache and junk files too.
  • Smadav antivirus defends your flash USB drives from damage.

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